Download free Booked Appointments WordPress plugin v1.9.13

Booked v1.9.13 Features:

  • Appointment calendar shortcode and widget.
  • Custom time slots for vacation/closed dates and more.
  • Custom Fields for collecting custom information for every appointment.
  • A powerful backend interface to manage appointments.
  • Color pickers to change your calendar’s colors.
  • Appointment buffering to prevent appointments from getting booked too close to current date and/or time.
  • Customers can manage their own appointments.
  • Customers can manage their account information.
  • “Add to Google Calendar” buttons for your customers.
  • Customizable emails sent to you and your customers.
  • Front-end and admin are both fully responsive.
  • Fully translatable
  • Color customizations

Booked v1.9.13 Changelog

= 1.9.13 =
* **NEW** Added a new settings field to tell Booked *from* which email to send notifications (for those dealing with emails not sending to admins and booking agents).

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